Our Staff

Apr 22, 2021, 09:10 AM
Our Staff
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our staff
Paul Riley - Principal

I am a Sports Science graduate, with post graduate teaching and management qualifications. I have experience in the public and private sector and have taught for 30 years in a range of colleges prior to serving as the Principal of Haywards Heath College since April 2020, including East Surrey College, BHASVIC and Worthing College.

I am passionate about post-16 education and training and the life chances it can bring to the students that we serve. Aside being the Principal of Haywards Heath College, I am the Principal of Brighton MET College and sit on the Group Leadership Team of the Chichester College Group. I am also a Trustee of a secondary school in Worthing and a member of the City Management Board in Brighton and Hove. I have strategic responsibility for Adult Education and Mental Health and Wellbeing across the Chichester College Group.

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Alice Jahanpour - Teacher of English

I have been teaching at Haywards Heath College since it reopened in 2020.  I really enjoy deconstructing all texts – anything and everything counts as worthy of analysis at A-level – and how these discussions lead to consideration of so many of the most interesting aspects of life: power, identity and what it means to be human. 

I have always loved books and reading and writing and I feel very lucky that I get to sustain this important part of my life every day, in the classroom.

Alice Jahanpour

Claire Mummery - Teacher of English

I have had the pleasure of teaching English for twelve years in the sixth-form sector. English is the most wonderful, thought-provoking subject to take at A Level; it will shape your understanding of the human condition. I particularly enjoy reading poetry, American novels and keeping up with contemporary fiction. 

Claire Mummery

Jo Tipping - Teacher of Geography and Environmental Science

I have enjoyed teaching A-level geography for nearly 20 years, teaching in state secondary schools, private schools, post-16 colleges and special needs schools. I believe in encouraging students to reach their potential. I am a firm believer that geography is about bringing the ‘real-world’ into the classroom, debating complex local, national, and global issues whilst using creative teaching methods and technology to explain physical and environmental processes.

Jo Tipping

Eloise Beard - Head of Health and Social Care

I am an alumnus of Haywards Heath College, having completed my studies in Health and Social Care. I then graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in Criminology, Sociology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Previously, I have taught Religious Education and Philosophy in a secondary and sixth form setting.

I am also an experienced Early Years Practitioner and I have trained as a Pharmacy Dispenser and Care Assistant. I hope my industry experience will provide students with a unique perspective of the field. My vision is to support the distinct capabilities of students to ensure they achieve their full potential and become the next generation of health, social and child care practitioners. 

Eloise Beard

Emma Barkley-Goodliffe - Deputy Head of Learning / Health and Social Care

I am an experienced Head of Early Years, Mathematics, and Science. I am a qualified dancer who loves using innovative learning approaches! Health and Social Care incorporates a range of skills and experiences I am passionate about, including: the chance to help others, the chance to improve yourself, and the opportunity of a career in demand; a career for life.

Emma Barkely

Charlie Richardson - Teacher of History and Politics

Hello! I am Charlie, a history and politics teacher here at Haywards Heath College. I have a vested interest in 19th and 20th century history, as well as the ever-changing story of British politics. I believe the study of history allows us to understand the story of human civilisation to see where we have come from to the present day, and the study of politics to gain a wide insight into the workings of today’s British and American political systems and governments.

Charlie Richardson

Yvonne Jones - Teacher of Dance, Drama and Theatre Studies

I have over 10 years’ experience working in FE and HE education, as a course leader and lecturer in performing arts at Northbrook College, Sussex, and dance lecturer at what was formally Central Sussex College, Haywards Heath. I have loved theatre and performing from a young age and feel so privileged to be able to call my passion, my job.

Yvonne Jones

Dr Mike Price - Teacher of Science

I can’t express how excited I am to be one of the inaugural A-level Science teachers of Haywards Heath College. Moving from the oldest to the youngest shiny brand new college, what a treat!

I’m hoping I can get my Marine Biology dive club up and running for interested Science students at Haywards Heath College. But most of all I’m looking forward to getting back into the lab to teach some science to ambitious hungry young minds!

Dr Mike Price

Emma Gardiner - Teacher of Sport

I have been teaching Sport, my no.1 passion, for many years and look forward to joining the Haywards Heath College teaching team. Treat our sport lessons as if we are your sports team - have respect, be prepared, work hard and remember winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.

Emma Gardiner

Andy Carr - Deputy Head of Learning – Visual & Performing Arts and English

I have been teaching Media & Film since 2009. I’ve worked all over the country, but I grew up in Burgess Hill and know Mid-Sussex very well. I’m a big film and video game geek, but love talking about TV and news too. I firmly believe being able to critically and objectively analyse what we watch and read is of paramount importance in today’s media-obsessed world. My teaching style revolves around inclusive attitudes and strong work ethic, with some humour thrown in. I look forward to you joining us at Haywards Heath College.

Andy Carr

Jack Barnes - Teacher of Sport

I am sports enthusiast, who has a passion for unlocking peoples' sporting potential whether it be academically or physically. I take a kinaesthetic approach to teaching, aiming to maximise active learning. I have been teaching for many years and am now excited to be joining the team at Haywards Heath College!

jack barnes
Theo Chin-kit - Teacher of Science

Having completed my Master's degree in Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Science, teaching science was always a possibility. I've never taken a year out from working or studying in academia. So being in a teaching environment feels like a norm. Having worked for Institutions in London & Sussex, I have supported students from a variety of backgrounds.

However, I am far more than just a teacher. I have won the UK national Steelband championships for three consecutive years with Mangrove Steelband and, you can find me looking into alternative fuels and processing vegetable oil into Biodiesel.

Theo Chin-Kit Profile Picture

Mark Gadsby - Teacher of Computing

Inspired by the introduction of computer programming to the curriculum I retrained as a computer science teacher after a twenty-five-year career as a software engineer in industry. I aim to develop students into strong programmers with the vision is see clearly where computers can help to provide solutions to the problems of our age. Along the way students develop an appreciation of the astonishing potential of computers to reshape the future, a vision I hope they take with them into their adult lives.

Mark Gadsby Profile Picture

Billy Barrington – Teacher of Business and Digital Media

I have been teaching media, music and business courses for 14 years across a variety of organisations in Sussex; from small creative colleges, to large FE colleges and secondary schools. In that time I have won two awards for innovation in teaching and Iearning and helped students with the creation of real life music, media and business projects including installation art + sound shows, a student magazine and advertising campaigns for a local app designer amongst others.

I am also an experienced musical performer and used to run a (profitable) music and arts festival that was featured in The Guardian as top event of the summer. I thoroughly enjoy teaching Business and Media at Haywards Heath College.

Billy Barrington Profile Picture

Andrew Green - Teacher of Maths and Physics

I have worked in Further Education for over 10 years and have taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics extensively. I have always loved Maths and its application in other areas, like Science and Computing, and I also teach Physics at Haywards Heath College. Part of my degree was in Computer Science, and I enjoy coding as well.

In my spare time I enjoy sports (particularly football and tennis) and spending time with my family. I feel privileged to be a part of Haywards Heath College and to have the opportunity to help students achieve their best.

Andrew Green Profile Picture

Mischa Richards - Teacher of Psychology

In teaching both Psychology and Religious Studies (as well as Philosophy & Ethics), I am fortunate to combine a number of subjects that I am passionately interested in and consider to be natural partners; the scientific and the literary or expressive avenues to knowledge belong together in our pursuit of meaning, understanding and a full life.

Whilst contemporary society is increasingly divided into specialised fields and often marked by a defensive attitude, the need for reclaiming an intelligent and responsible vision of a more united world is needed more than ever. Forming the minds and hearts of our young adults in readiness for the challenges of today and the opportunity of tomorrow is a vital interest to me that I bring to my teaching in these subjects.

I look forward to meeting with all those who are similarly inspired and exploring together how the wisdom of the past can conjoin with the insights of the present to pave the way towards a brighter future.

Mischa Richards

Fady Arthan - Teacher of Business

After completing my master's degree in music and Sonic Media back in 2015, I started working in various schools and sixth form colleges as a performing arts and Music technician for several years. I then took my passion in music to the next level when I have established my own Music company and built my own recording studio in Brighton.

From that point onwards, business became a second nature to music. I am delighted to be a part of Haywards Heath College, a place to grow and to be inspired by many other fantastic people!

Fady Arthan

Justine Marsden - Teacher of Fine Arts & Textiles

I am an energetic, dedicated, and passionate A Level Fine Art and Textile teacher. Having worked with young people as an arts educator in many different settings for over 20 years. I see my role as a privilege to inspire, support and guide. 


Justine Marsden

Lisa Walker - Teacher of Criminology

I was fortunate enough to practice law for nearly 20 years as I worked as a criminal defence solicitor in the southwest and southeast of England.  I have been involved in a wide variety of cases ranging from road traffic offences and theft to far more serious offences such as murder, manslaughter and drug importation cases. My role involved me attending police stations, prisons and courts.

I am pleased to be able to bring this rich, varied and practical experience into the classroom to assist the year 13 students studying Criminology.



Lisa Walker

Nadia Redfern - Teacher of Environmental Science

I have had a passion for the subject I teach, Environmental Science, since I took my BSc. Hons. in Environmental Conservation before spending over 20 years in various commercial and corporate industry positions.  I mainly worked as a Technical Environmental Management Consultant in the offshore oil and gas industry before undertaking various other commercial roles across my career.

With a personal love of learning, I continued to attain an MSc. in Science Communication from Imperial College before fully embarking on my teaching career.  Initially, I retrained attaining an International Diploma as a pre-school Montessori Practitioner and very much enjoyed working with pre school children.  Fulfilling a desire to teach in the secondary and further education settings, I embarked on my PGCE, University of Sussex in 2021, that I find hugely rewarding. 

I feel it is a huge privilege to work with and teach our young generation here at Haywards Heath College, to prepare them for not only academic success but also encompass and develop further life skills. Environmental Science is a hugely diverse, interdisciplinary subject and is top of the agenda regarding many critical issues and challenges we face with our environment today and for the future. I aspire to educate, inspire and offer my students an excellent learning opportunity and to believe in themselves and their potential.  



Nadia Redfern

Paul Cruttenden- Teacher of Business

I’ve been teaching Business for 2 years having made a deliberate career change in 2021. My 2 years teaching are supplemented by over 25 years working in business mostly in travel and international aviation. My intention is to bring the syllabus alive with stories, experiences, anecdotes, and practical examples drawn from the various marketing, digital, distribution and sales roles I’ve had.

Business, trade, and commerce is dynamic, challenging and also a lot of fun – 3 things I definitely hope to generate in the classroom as we explore the world of business. 


Paul Cruttenden

Sandy Reeves-Walsh - Teacher of IT & Computing 

I have been teaching ICT & Computing for the past 30 years in schools and further education. During this period, of constant technological change, I have been at the core of vocational education. At Hayward’s Heath College I enjoy helping my students find a career pathway suited to them.



Sandy Walsh

Claire Ponte - Teacher of French

Being born in France, close to the Spanish border, I have always been passionate about foreign languages. They are the key to communication with the World as they give access to other cultures, arts, literatures, and relationships. I would like students to realise that being able to speak a foreign language is a vast wealth of experience, as well as a life-changing opportunity.

Learning languages is, above all, something that should be engaging and pleasant. I want to use all my experience and passion to show students just how enjoyable it can be. 



Claire Pointe

Ellis Landell - Teacher of Graphics

Hiya, my name is Ellis the Graphics Teacher here at Haywards Heath College. Since graduating with a degree in Graphic Arts (Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration & Motion Graphics) I have always had a multi-disciplinary approach to design. I have been involved in design education since 2016, working across many establishments, levels, and disciplines.




Danielle Daw - Teacher of History

I received QTS in 2009, and since then I have taught History, Politics and Law across a variety of settings. My particular area of interest is 20th century political and social History, specifically the growth of political and social movements in the late 20th and early 21st century, and how film and theatre is used as a medium to convey the messages or critique of such movements. 

I am a firm believer that a personable and understanding approach to students' welfare and circumstances, while maintaining clear expectations, is a keystone to helping them develop and learn as young adults.

Ellis Landell

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Nicole Brennan - Teacher of Psychology

I have been studying Psychology for 7 years now, and this subject is what inspired me to pursue a teaching career. I completed my PGCE at Haywards Heath College and enjoyed every minute within this close-knit and wonderful community. I have such a passion for my subject, and being able to inspire and ignite passion in the young people in my classroom is what pushes me to continue doing what I love. I am experienced in teaching both A-Level and BTEC Psychology – these fascinating subjects really open one’s eyes to the world around you. I cannot wait to develop my career as a part of the Haywards Heath team, and I look forward to seeing more bright, young Psychologists passing through this institution and beyond.

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Emma Topley - Teacher of Law

I have taught for the last few years at Haywards Heath, the law is a fascinating subject that I am deeply passionate about as it constantly evolves and there is no set answer. Our application to the legal world and analysis of real cases puts relevance to the theory as there is no job which escapes knowledge of the law.
It is in these moments I really do enjoy my job and feel privileged to give students the power and confidence to exert their rights and recognise how the law governs their everyday life. There are always developments and interpretations which allow for some interesting discussions in our lessons.

Emma Topey

Raquel Rodríguez-Intriago - Teacher of Spanish

Hola, soy Raquel Rodríguez-Intriago and I have been teaching Spanish A Level at CCG for many years. Having grown up in Spain, I enjoy teaching the students not only the language, but the culture. Students can gain valuable language skills and also broaden their worldview throughout this course.

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Luke Scattergood - Teacher of Performing Arts

I moved to London to study acting at Drama school, where I got the opportunity to explore both my own skills in voice and theatre, I also fell in love with getting to direct and work with others in the development of their skills. After graduating Drama school training, I set up a theatre company, where we work across theatre and filmed work.

Having this practical experience with creating my own work, I have been able to pass this onto students, as well as creating and giving job opportunities through contacts in the industry. I have loved every chance that the college have offered when working with students in the development of their skills in theatre performance, vocal performance and film making.

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Katren Bishop - Teacher of Physics

Physics is a way of thinking about our world. We are all inquisitive at heart; physics develops this curiosity through the exploration of theories and experiments to help us understand the universe.  Following my undergraduate physics degree, I obtained further postgraduate degrees in nuclear and radiation physics, and then continued to study at postgraduate level as a medical physicist. 

I spent many exciting years working in the field of radiation oncology before changing career to teaching.  I am delighted to have joined the college after many years of working as a teacher and examiner in state and independent schools.  Encouraging uptake of physics is something I feel passionate about, and I work closely with the Institute of Physics to promote and communicate physics nationally. 

Nat Wilcox - Teacher of Media & Film

I have had the pleasure of studying Media and Film for just under a decade with a degree specifically in Media Production. I am passionate about the subject and being able to explore the different areas and making each section as creative as possible.

Haywards Heath is a wonderful college with many opportunities to thrive in the subject both theoretically and creatively. 


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Jade Orosz - Teacher of T Level in Education and Early Years

I have worked within the early years sector for 16 years supporting children and their families. I firmly believe that the first five years of a child's life are fundamental to their long-term success.

Highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate early years educators are the key to giving children the best start in life during their education. I am honoured to be teaching the T-Level in Education and Early Years at Haywards Heath College, inspiring the next generation of early years practitioners. 

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Becca Harrington - Student Tutor

I have been working with young people for the last 7 years and am passionate about helping students achieve the best of their potential and find their voice. Since joining Haywards Heath College in September 2021, I have had the pleasure of getting to know nearly 400 of our students and supporting them on their journey. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, baking and going to the gym!

Becca Harrington

Kerry Mann - Student Tutor

I have worked with young adults across West Sussex in a range of community and educational settings for almost two decades and have been at Haywards Heath College since the re-opening in 2020 as a Student Tutor.

I am a qualified level 7 Careers Guidance Practitioner and before that I worked in a diverse range of occupations, from High Risk Life Assurance for Lloyds of London to selling cakes in a local bakery! I feel privileged to work with the students at Haywards Heath College supporting them with their pastoral and progression needs and having the opportunity to see our students do so well. 

Kerry Mann web