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Mischa Richards

Mischa Richards – Teacher of Psychology

In teaching both Psychology and Religious Studies (as well as Philosophy & Ethics), I am fortunate to combine a number of subjects that I am passionately interested in and consider to be natural partners; the scientific and the literary or expressive avenues to knowledge belong together in our pursuit of meaning, understanding and a full life.

Whilst contemporary society is increasingly divided into specialised fields and often marked by a defensive attitude, the need for reclaiming an intelligent and responsible vision of a more united world is needed more than ever. Forming the minds and hearts of our young adults in readiness for the challenges of today and the opportunity of tomorrow is a vital interest to me that I bring to my teaching in these subjects.

I look forward to meeting with all those who are similarly inspired and exploring together how the wisdom of the past can conjoin with the insights of the present to pave the way towards a brighter future.

Mischa Richards
Teacher of Psychology