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Chichester College Group places student voice at the heart of everything it does – here at Haywards Heath College, it’s no different.

If you want to be involved then make sure you are elected rep for your course or pop in to see your Student Experience Team. For every college decision, policy or process that affects students, the Student Union and its students are consulted – make sure your voice is heard!

Haywards Heath Xtra

Once you are enrolled on your college course, you become an automatic member of the Students’ Union, providing you with access to all trips and events, including parties, days out to places like Thorpe Park and even trips abroad to exciting destinations like New York. We can even give you the opportunity to volunteer abroad; this year our students are volunteering in Kenya for the tenth year running.

We also run lots of events in college, like our Children in Need and Comic Relief charity events. Last year we raised over £4,000 for charity, which you can get involved with. In addition to this we have historically raised over £100,000 to build a school for underprivileged children in Kenya. There are a huge variety of activities for you to get involved in every day of the week, which are all part of our #GetSomeXtra program.

SU Student Executive and Course Representatives

Every course at college has a Student Representative and it is a great role to take on, helping to ensure that you and the students you study with have the best possible experience while at college. Student Representatives are elected during week 3 of the academic year.

Student representatives can put themselves forward to become Student Executives, these are the student leaders of the college.

The Student Executives support the Student Union in organising and running events and charity fundraisers, share the views and opinions of their fellow student body and represent students at all levels within the college.


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