Geography and Environmental Science

Sep 18, 2020, 10:40 AM
Geography and Environmental Science
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Geography and environmental science

Are you looking for a subject that improves your understanding of the world around you?

A-level Geography and A-level Environmental Science are set to sharpen your research skills and give you a fantastic understanding of the world around you with relevant, real-life information.  These are exciting and ever-changing subjects. 

Where will this lead you? 

You’ll have a huge range of options at university and there are many linked career paths including business, cartography, environmental risk management, geo-engineering, government, leisure & tourism, teaching and planning.  

Meet the team

Jo Tipping - Teacher of Geography and Environmental Science

I have enjoyed teaching A-level geography for nearly 20 years, teaching in state secondary schools, private schools, post-16 colleges and special needs schools. I believe in encouraging students to reach their potential. I am a firm believer that geography is about bringing the ‘real-world’ into the classroom, debating complex local, national, and global issues whilst using creative teaching methods and technology to explain physical and environmental processes.

Jo Tipping
Nadia Redfern - Teacher of Environmental Science

I have had a passion for the subject I teach, Environmental Science, since I took my BSc. Hons. in Environmental Conservation before spending over 20 years in various commercial and corporate industry positions.  I mainly worked as a Technical Environmental Management Consultant in the offshore oil and gas industry before undertaking various other commercial roles across my career.

With a personal love of learning, I continued to attain an MSc. in Science Communication from Imperial College before fully embarking on my teaching career.  Initially, I retrained attaining an International Diploma as a pre-school Montessori Practitioner and very much enjoyed working with pre school children.  Fulfilling a desire to teach in the secondary and further education settings, I embarked on my PGCE, University of Sussex in 2021, that I find hugely rewarding. 

I feel it is a huge privilege to work with and teach our young generation here at Haywards Heath College, to prepare them for not only academic success but also encompass and develop further life skills. Environmental Science is a hugely diverse, interdisciplinary subject and is top of the agenda regarding many critical issues and challenges we face with our environment today and for the future. I aspire to educate, inspire and offer my students an excellent learning opportunity and to believe in themselves and their potential.  

Nadia Redfern

Our Facilities Geography and Environmental Science

Outside learning

For Geography, students will also undertake a Independent Investigation, which will involve a field trip. For Environmental Science, you will also complete a number of practical experiments both in class and outside.

Group working

You will have the opportunity to work both in groups and individually to complete your tasks - some of which are based on real-world examples of geography and environmental science.

Modern campus

Haywards Heath College is well-equipped with modern facilities, including new classrooms and studios.

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