Broaden your horizons!

If you want to take your French or Spanish to a higher level of communication, our language courses are an exciting option and will help to open doors to careers in other countries.

Where will this lead you?

You can progress to university and students may well go on to careers in business, media, linguistics, teaching and travel & tourism.

Raquel Rodríguez-Intriago - Teacher of Spanish

Hola, soy Raquel Rodríguez-Intriago and I have been teaching Spanish A Level at CCG for many years. Having grown up in Spain, I enjoy teaching the students not only the language, but the culture. Students can gain valuable language skills and also broaden their worldview throughout this course.
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Claire Ponte - Teacher of French

Being born in France, close to the Spanish border, I have always been passionate about foreign languages. They are the key to communication with the World as they give access to other cultures, arts, literatures, and relationships. I would like students to realise that being able to speak a foreign language is a vast wealth of experience, as well as a life-changing opportunity. Learning languages is, above all, something that should be engaging and pleasant. I want to use all my experience and passion to show students just how enjoyable it can be. 

Claire Pointe

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Collaborative learning

As well as working individually, you will also work in pairs and in groups at different times. You will also spend time in the language laboratory, completing listening exercises, speaking tasks, working online and word-processing written work.

Variety of local media

Gain access to important cultural texts, media and film in your language of study in order to progress your skills.

Modern campus

Haywards Heath College is well-equipped with modern facilities, including new classrooms and studios.

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