Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Social Science is the study of human beings.

What could be more interesting than understanding the reasons behind peoples’ actions and behaviours? You’ll examine the world we live in and explore some of the most compelling questions in modern society. 

Where will this lead? 

Careers in a wide range of sectors are possible including the criminal justice system, education, law, health and social work.   


Meet the team

Nicole Brennan - Teacher of Psychology

I have been studying Psychology for 7 years now, and this subject is what inspired me to pursue a teaching career. I completed my PGCE at Haywards Heath College and enjoyed every minute within this close-knit and wonderful community. I have such a passion for my subject, and being able to inspire and ignite passion in the young people in my classroom is what pushes me to continue doing what I love. I am experienced in teaching both A-Level and BTEC Psychology – these fascinating subjects really open one’s eyes to the world around you. I cannot wait to develop my career as a part of the Haywards Heath team, and I look forward to seeing more bright, young Psychologists passing through this institution and beyond.

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Mischa Richards - Teacher of Psychology

In teaching both Psychology and Religious Studies (as well as Philosophy & Ethics), I am fortunate to combine a number of subjects that I am passionately interested in and consider to be natural partners; the scientific and the literary or expressive avenues to knowledge belong together in our pursuit of meaning, understanding and a full life.

Whilst contemporary society is increasingly divided into specialised fields and often marked by a defensive attitude, the need for reclaiming an intelligent and responsible vision of a more united world is needed more than ever. Forming the minds and hearts of our young adults in readiness for the challenges of today and the opportunity of tomorrow is a vital interest to me that I bring to my teaching in these subjects.

I look forward to meeting with all those who are similarly inspired and exploring together how the wisdom of the past can conjoin with the insights of the present to pave the way towards a brighter future.
Mischa Richards

Our Facilities Social Sciences

Variety of teaching

A range of teaching and learning styles are used during the course. Formal lessons are combined with discussion, task-based learning, independent learning tasks and video.

1:1 support

There is a lot of support available from our expert teachers, and extra support sessions can be made available outside of lesson time for help with homework and other topics.

Modern campus

Haywards Heath College is well-equipped with modern facilities, including new classrooms and studios.

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