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Level 3

Applied Law BTEC Certificate/Extended Certificate


The qualification is designed to develop knowledge and skills for the further study of law, but will also combine well with similar subjects such as criminology and business. The transferable skills acquired during study of this course allow for progression into a variety of routes which are not all law related. It will enable learners to apply theoretical knowledge of the law into real life scenarios whilst considering the deeper level of evaluation of our society and the rules that govern our lives.

There are 4 units to the course, you will study Unit 1 and 2 in Y1 to obtain a certificate, then Unit 3 and 4 in Y2 to obtain the extended certificate. The extended certificate is equivalent to 1 A level.

Topics you will study:

Unit 1 -; Dispute Solving in Civil Law -; External Assessment

· The civil legal system

· Courts and sentencing

· Sources of advice

· Funding civil claims

· Negligence

· Damages

Unit 2 -; Investigating Aspects of the Legal System and Criminal Law – Coursework

· The people within the legal system

· Criminal Courts

· Sentencing

· Legal Aid

· Sources of law

· Law making processes

· Elements of a criminal offence

· Non-Fatal offences

Unit 3 -; Applying the Law -; External Assessment

· Homicide

· Manslaughter

· Property offences

· Defences

· Police Powers

Unit 4 -; Aspects of Family Law – Coursework

· Formation of relationships

· Marriage and Civil Partnerships

· Dissolution of relationships

· Divorce and Annulment

· Resolving financial disputes

· Child custody

· Rights of children

Students will experience a range of teaching activities on the course and are encouraged to share their views within small groups to whole class debates. They will be required in the external assessments to relate their knowledge to a scenario and pick out the key details within that in order to conclude on possible liability for their decided offence. The coursework modules are designed to develop learners’; research, writing skills and ability to complete set tasks within a deadline.


You need a minimum of five GCSEs at 9-4, including grade 4 in English Language. An interest in law is essential. An interest in current affairs is desirable so that you can give examples from real life to show how the law works.


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