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Level 3

Politics A-level


In the first year students study UK Politics and UK Government. In the second year students will then develop this knowledge and understanding, and study USA Politics and USA Government. This course aims to develop a critical understanding of government and politics in the UK and the USA. First year topics: How does the UK constitution work? What is democracy? How do elections work, and why do people vote for certain parties? How does Parliament work, what does the Prime Minister actually do, and what does the government do? How can we influence politicians? Second year topics: How does the US constitution work? How do you become President? What are the differences between Republicans and Democrats, and what does Congress do? How important is the Supreme Court and how powerful is the US President? A range of teaching and learning styles is used during the course. Lessons tend to combine discussion, task-based learning and regular assessment. Students will be expected to contribute to discussions. 1:1 support is available to all students. Students also visit Houses of Parliament, and will take part in discussions with local MPs and other party representatives.


You need a minimum of five GCSEs at 9-4, including grade 4 in English Language and Maths. No previous knowledge of UK or USA politics is required, however, an interest in current affairs and recent history is essential. Students will need to have opinions and be prepared to discuss them, be open to new ideas and capable of seeing issues from a range of viewpoints.


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