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Level 3

Applied Psychology BTEC Certificate/Extended Certificate


Equivalent to 1 A-level.

This course will give you an introduction to the psychology sector through applied learning: you will learn about theories of psychology, what makes us think and behave the way we do, and how we can research this. Topics studied include: Year 1: Unit 1: Psychological Approaches and Applications: Learners will explore four key approaches in psychology -; social, cognitive, learning and biological -; and apply these approaches to issues relevant to contemporary society including aggression, business and gender identity. This unit is externally assessed through a 1.5 hour exam. Unit 2: Conducting Psychological Research Learners develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the scientific process and in psychological research methodology through their own psychological research project. This unit is internally assessed through a written report. Year Two: Unit 3: Health Psychology – Learners explore psychological approaches, theories and studies related to lifestyle choices, unhealthy behaviours and behavioural change, including stress, addiction and how to deal with these. This unit is externally assessed through a 2 hour exam. Unit 4/5/6/7: Optional Unit from: Criminal and Forensic Psychology Promoting Children’;s Psychology Development. Introduction to Psychopathology. Applied Sport Psychology This unit is internally assessed through a written report


You need a minimum of five GCSEs at 9-4 including grade 4 in English Language and Maths. In order to succeed on this course students will need: • Good reading and writing skills • Confidence in maths and dealing with data • An interest in finding out about people: do you like ‘people- watching’;? If you do, you’;d like Psychology. • An interest in life and people, an enthusiastic attitude to study and learning, and a willingness to work hard.


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