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Level 3

Psychology A-level


This course aims to develop students’; understanding and awareness of psychological theories and research over a variety of different areas concerned with humans and animals. Students will learn about research which will help them understand why people behave as they do. There are three units: Introductory Topics in Psychology : • Social influence, Memory, Attachment and Psychopathology. • Psychology in Context • Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology, Research Methods and Issues and Debates in Psychology. Issues and Options in Psychology (2nd year) Options could be: Gender, Schizophrenia and Forensic Psychology (subject to change) Lessons are varied: a range of teaching styles is used throughout the course to enable students with a variety of learning styles to succeed. In addition to teacher-led discussions in class, students will also engage in practical activities, such as small research investigations, debates, group presentations, internet researches. Students are also given the opportunity to visit a university conference specifically for A Level students, and possibly trips to other relevant, interesting places. Visiting speakers also come to tell us about their working role as psychologists. 1:1 support is available to all students.


You need a minimum of five GCSEs at 9-4, including grade 5 in Maths, and grade 4 in English Language and a Science. Ideally, students will have: • Good reading and writing skills, knowing how to structure • sentences, for example, and how to read a textbook (though these study skills are further developed • as an integral part of the course). • Confident in maths and dealing with data • An interest in finding out about people would be really useful: do you like ‘people-watching’;? If you do, you’;ll like Psychology. • An interest in life and people, an enthusiastic attitude to study and learning, and a willingness to work hard.


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