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Level 3

Spanish A-level


The course aims to develop your understanding of the language and culture of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Topics studied include: 1. Social issues and trends: • Modern and traditional values: family, relationships • Cyberspace :Internet, social medial, technology • Equal rights: women in the workplace, feminism, and gay rights. • Multiculturalism in Hispanic society: Immigration, Racism, Integration 2. Political and artistic culture: • Modern day idols • Spanish regional identity • Cultural heritage • Today’;s youth, tomorrow’;s citizens • Monarchies and dictatorships • Popular movements

3. Literary texts and films: Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affair) -; Spain’;s 2014 highest-grossing film ever, exploring regional identity with uproarious humour. Crónica de Una Muerte Anunciada -; a short novel riffing on time and memory, exploring gender roles, honour codes and collective responsibility in Colombia, by Nobel prize winning literary rockstar Gabriel García Márquez. A range of teaching and learning styles is used during the course and the lessons are very varied. In order to practise the four language skills, you will work individually, in pairs and in groups at different times; independent learning will be key, particularly for practising listening skills, and you will have weekly paired speaking sessions.

1:1 support is available to all students.


You need a minimum of five GCSEs at 9-4, including grade 6 in Spanish and grade 4 in English Language and Maths. An interest in Spain and Spanish speaking countries is very important. A willingness to express yourself orally is essential.


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